One Direction Preference:

He leaves you before you tell him your pregnant . 


I had always told Darcy about her father, my excuse was that he’s stuck out there trying to find his two princesses because he’s lost me and Darcy and trying to get back. It was her second birthday and I thought it was about time that she got to meet her daddy, tonight there was a concert in London so I told her to make a sign saying “Hi” to harry. She was all dressed up in her cute pink shoes and purple dress with her curly brown hair pushed out of her face with a pink bow and i was just in a casual outfit (x)

It was only a small concert so you knew he was bound to find you’s in the crowd. As soon as the boys came out i put her on my hip, “Which one is daddy?” She asked, her eyes were glued onto the stage with the cutest smile on her face. I poked at harry who was staring right at me and Darcy, I looked at our baby girl who was waving her glittery “Hi, Daddy” sign around and smiling at him. His eyes were starting to well up as he figured it all out in his head, his eyes switched from her’s to mine as he took in a breath and turned his head to Louis. Lou has seen everything, he just nodded his head at harry. With one quick look at us both he quickly walked off stage.

"Mommy, where’s daddy going?" She looked at me tears starting to form in her little eyes. Just as she was about to burst into tears Paul came barging through the crowd of teenage girls and grabbing my hand. "(y/n), he needs to see you" I quickly nodded my head as he lead us through the girls and into the long corridor of rooms with the names of the boys on them. We stopped at harry’s and i immediantly got scared and nervous, "he-uh wants to talk to you first (y/n)..Do you want me to take.." "Darcy" I finished his sentence, He gave me warm smile as i lifted her onto the ground and bent down to her "This is Paul  he’s going to take care of you for a minute okay" I gave her a kiss on the forehead and stood back up. "Thanks" I smiled at him, he took her hand and led her down the corridor so she could watch more of the concert. I twisted the handle on the door and slowly walked into the room, I turned around and quietly shut the door. I turned back around only to be pressed up against it, harry’s lips quickly on top of mine. I pushed him off of me, making him take a couple of steps back, "Iv’e been waiting two long years to do that again (y/n)" he breathed out. My heart was racing and my breathing was quick. "Could have been sooner if you hadn’t of left me for her" "We broke up a week after we did, i could not get you out of my mind.." he ran his hand through his thick hair and pushed it out of his  eyes. A silence filled the room and all we were doing was watching each others eyes, "What’s her name" he asked, "Darcy" I broke eye contact and looked to the floor, i heard him let out a breath. I knew how much he wanted his first daughter to be named Darcy. I looked up to see him smiling to himself. "do you want to met her?" He looked up at me and smiled "Please..". I turned and opened the door to see Paul and Darcy sitting on the chairs outside, her giggling at him. "Darcy, wanna see daddy?" she quickly jumped down and ran past me into the room and straight to her father, wrapping her little arms around his legs. She looked up at him and smiled her dimply smile. "I missed you daddy" Tears were filling harry’s eyes as he bent down and picked her up wrapping his arms around her. "I missed you too baby".


"Excuse me" a little voice sounded at the pants of my leg. I turned around to see a little black haired boy with a little beanie on his head, vans, denim shirt and jeans on (x). His big brown eyes looking up at me, “Can you please help me iv’e lost my mum” his eyes are starting to well up, i feel so bad for this kid he only looks about 5 or 4. “Sure, whats your name?” “Isaiah” he mumbled, wiping a tear away with the sleeve of his sweater. “Okay, lets get you too the mall security room bud”. 

"(y/n) (y/last/n), please make your way to the security room we have found your son" A wave of relief washed through me as i was searching for Isaiah in the massive clothing store. I quickly ran to the security room of the complex and opened the door, my little boy quickly ran into my legs and wrapped his little arms around them. I bent down and picked him up, covering his face in little kisses. "Isaiah you gave me a heart attack!" i kissed his cheek one last time before setting him back on the floor. I looked up to see the one person i dreaded to see, Zayn, staring at me in shock, "Uh- Zayn, thank you for finding him" i stuttered, not able to keep eye contact with him. He stood up and slowly walked towards us, "something you want to tell me?" was all he sad to me. He looked hurt but happy at the same time. "Well um, when you left me i may have been pregnant.." I looked down at Isaiah who was fiddling with his jacket, not even listening to our conversation. "why didn’t you just tell me" he grabbed my hand and looked straight into my eyes, " I didn’t want us to e together just because of our baby, i wouldn’t want to fake relationship. A child needs parents who actually love each other and that was the one thing you made clear that you didn’t to me." The feelings where starting to come back as i remembered the night i had found him cheating. "(y/n), please believe me it was a mistake, i did and still love you" He wrapped his arms around me as i started to sob in his arms. "Hey" Isaiah called out hitting Zayn in the leg, "don’t you hurt my mamma " He pushed Zayn away from me. I smiled down at him, Zayn sat down to his level, "It’s okay bud, i won’t be hurting your momma anymore" I bent down beside Isaiah and whispered in his ear "That’s your daddy babe".

A/N: I will be doing the rest of the boys but it will take a while so yeah… send me some requests! x -T

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